It's all just political?

In the debate about climate science, it's helpful to note that the debate is not between one political party and another.  The debate is between lobbyists well funded by the fossil fuel industry and a nearly-unanimous scientific community.

Nowhere is this more clear than in ExxonMobile's own papers.  By a 5:1 margin, Exxon's scientific papers agree:  the world is warming because of human emissions of greenhouse gases.  On the other hand, by a 7:1 margin, Exxon's advertising and editorial papers deny that.  The debate really is lobbyists arguing against scientists.

The world's climate really is in crisis because of human emissions of greenhouse gases, and no amount of messaging, lobbying, and punditry can change that fact.  The only thing that will change it is for society to dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Many Republicans agree with the scientists.

Not only do many Republicans make up the ranks of climate scientists (such as Richard Alley), but many Republican leaders have declared the science to be valid.  Examples follow.  


Republican Representatives

Bob Inglis and Michael Grimm discuss science and political will.

Republican Newt Gingrich

declares the scientific evidence is sufficient, and that we should take urgent steps to reduce carbon-loading the atmosphere.