Going Public

When you are well underway or nearly ready, you'll want to make this public in an orderly way.  Provide people with a sensible way to comment on, and contribute to, the climate action plan.

Make an opportunity for your advisory committee to review and comment on the plan.  Consider each comment thoughtfully and provide a written response.

Invite the public to several events where you unveil the draft Climate Action Plan.  Provide opportunities for people to write down their own ideas and visions.  To allow the greatest possible buy-in, consider holding these events at various times and places.

Consider producing a video like Anchorage and UAA each did, to convey both the need and the solution.

When all is ready for the vote, be prepared for debate, which may extend far beyond your own community.  In the case of Anchorage, the Heartland Institute weighed in with a fossil-fuel-funded opinion piece sent to our Assembly three days before the vote.  The Alaska Climate Action Network was prepared and responded immediately, setting the record straight within 24 hours, correcting the disinformation with dozens of scientific papers.