One climate calendar for all Alaskan climate-related organizations

You can insert this Google calendar into your own by clicking here and then clicking your personal Google account icon in the upper right.  (You'll need to have a Google account, which is free.)

If that doesn't work for you, go to your Google calendar, open the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the upper left. That will show the "my calendars" and "other calendars" spots on the left side. Immediately to the right of "other calendars," click the plus sign, then "subscribe to calendar," then enter for the address.

We're happy to post climate-related events on this very public calendar. If you'd like to take advantage of that, please email to :

  • the events,
  • locations,
  • dates and times, and
  • whether it's OK to post videos of your event on Facebook.

    Please share this calendar with your other organizations' membership, so they can see all the opportunities, too!